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This story takes place at Tahoma National cemetery on Memorial Day. Our Granddaughter lost her Daddy when she was 5 years old due to untreated PTSD. This is her story, her childlike perspective of her devastating loss. She loved and missed her Daddy terribly and couldn't wait to be close to him again. She had a very special moment with her Daddy and then ran off to play when she suddenly stopped to ask some very important questions about where his body was, which started the dialog for this book. She wanted to know how he could be in two places at once. Was he an angel? Would she ever see him again? We also wanted to use this opportunity to educate and bring awareness to what PTSD is and that it can affect anyone who has experienced trauma. We include some signs to be aware of and when to get help.

This book is in both English and Spanish because of the many men and women who served with our boys in military service.



It is refreshing and timely for this book to have been written for the surviving families and especially children of PTSD victims. I am a mother of a son who died suddenly and left behind a one-year old daughter, and this book touched my heart to its core. It will be a fabulous story to read to my granddaughter. Where Is My Daddy Now? will keep on giving hope and healing as the years go by. Thank you for sharing your healing journey with the world! --Teri W.

I applaud the authors for taking a bold step into the reality of PTSD. Where Is My Daddy Now? captures the difficult line between innocence and tragedy. It is geared to bring healing and begin a conversation into the many stories that are ongoing or only beginning. This book is a must-have if PTSD intimately affects you or someone you know. --Andrew Ferguson, Lead Pastor of Hope Church

Where Is My Daddy Now? is a touching story told from the heart by grandparents to help their eldest grandchild understand the traumatic death of her daddy, their son, in words and pictures helpful to a young child. I was moved by the appropriate illustrations, gentle words, and appropriate explanations in this true story. --Janice S.


Where Is My Daddy Now

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